General Fiscal Officer Training

Budgeting Fundamentals

This course reviews fundamental budget concepts and terminology, including a review of the most commonly asked budget questions.  An overview of a few standard financial reports, along with other useful resources, will be included.  This training is targeted for fiscal contacts who are responsible for daily financial transactions, budget construction submissions and/or financial reporting who do not consider themselves advanced users.

Budgeting Fundamentals Presentation

eDocs: Transfer of Funds and Budget Adjustments – How they impact the budget

The course covers the impact Transfer of Funds, Budget Adjustments and Single-Sided Budget Adjustment edocs have on the budgeting process. Potential situations and the appropriate actions to take will be discussed. The mechanics of permanent funding, as well as transfer and budget adjustment object codes will be discussed.

This training will be beneficial to individuals who provide departmental fiscal support or any other KFS users who would like a review of when TF, BA and SSBA edocs should be used, and how to correctly complete these forms.

Transfer of Funds and Budget Adjustments Presentation

Budget Construction

Training Requests & Suggestions

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