Mission Statement

The Office plans and manages the financial resources available to the University as efficiently and effectively as possible in support of the University’s mission. We provide strategic analytical support in shaping long-term institutional policies and programs geared towards resource allocation, new program development, student success, competitive positioning and institutional effectiveness.

We produce, maintain, analyze, and forecast accurate, impartial, and comprehensive information about the University's past, present, and future. We provide official university data and analysis, and by using a performance-based approach to inform resource allocation.

We communicate that information in a clear, useful, and timely manner to constituents inside and outside the University, so they may make the best possible planning, financial policy, and resource allocation decisions.  Our goal is to ensure that decisions are equitable, implemented properly and consistently, achieving their desired ends.

The office strives to maintain a high standard of knowledge, expertise, service, ethics and professional integrity while providing sound counsel in the financial planning and decision making process of the University.


    • Lead the statutory reporting of performance data, custodial and data steward functions, and support resource management with performance data and productivity
    • Develop annual operating budgets and maintain long-range financial planning models
    • Benchmark performance discipline by discipline
    • Perform ongoing maintenance of decentralized budgeting through the monitoring of these budgets with emphasis on maintaining good fiscal management with reasonable controls
    • Enforce policy decisions regarding use of funds
    • Provide reports and data to assist management in making sound fiscal decisions
    • Perform budget analyses and consult with budget managers throughout the University
    • Respond to numerous internal and external requests for institutional data
    • Conduct numerous special studies drawing on an array of financial and non-financial information at its disposal
    • Serve as the central repository of official data for state, federal and other external agencies for reporting purposes
    • Support the University’s many academic and administrative operations on financial matters
    • Ensure that all budget activities adhere to state requirements
    • Coordinate and prepare the bi-annual University budget request to the State
    • Provide central communications to the campus about various financial and budgetary information
    • Develop budget forecasts, revisions, reports and analyses to support university-wide resource allocation and decision-making
    • Provide financial management and budget training to the campus
    • Develop various financial policies and procedures and monitor compliance