BPIR Dashboards

Access is limited to designated UConn users only, and log-in is required ~ Please indicate your UConn business need when requesting access to the reports

Please read this statement from the UConn FERPA Policy before requesting access to any of the dashboards.  By requesting access, you are acknowledging awareness of the policy:

The UConn FERPA Policy indicates that:  “A University Official has a legitimate educational interest if it is in the educational interest of the student in question for the official to have the information, or if it is necessary for the official to obtain the information in order to carry out his or her official duties or to implement the policies of the University of Connecticut. Any University Official who needs information about a student in the course of performing instructional, supervisory, advisory, or administrative duties for the University has a legitimate educational interest.”

Restricted Dashboards

Restricted Dashboards

Graduate Data

Graduate Dashboard

Please click Sign-In to request access to a dashboard (enter your UConn email). If you need assistance accessing a dashboard please contact Vitaly Glybin