University Libraries Success Story

Project: University Libraries – Thin Client Computer Deployment

Brief Description / Goal: Utilize UConn Skybox

Pre-Implementation: Physical Desktops cost $1,100 each, 1 FTE to manage them.

Process: Took advantage of the UConn Skybox service and migrated from 250 physical Dell computers to 250 Dell and Wyse Thin clients. Each thin client connects to the Skybox service which allows us to not only use less expensive hardware, but also to no longer manage a computer image and keep it up to date. The thin clients also have no moving parts, so they rarely break and require very little maintenance.

Post-Implementation: Thin Clients cost $500 each.

Results: Over time, moved 250 physical desktops to thin clients for library public computers

Resources Utilized: Utilize the Skybox service offered by UITS.

Approximate Expense Reduction: $6,000, plus an approximate .5 FTE.

Approximate amount of time to implement: Took about three years to replace all 250 machines with thin clients, replacing ageing machines as they went off warranty.