One Card Success Story

ProjectOne Card Office – Online Photo Submission

Brief Description / Goal:  Require incoming freshman students to submit their ID card pictures online instead of coming to the office to have them taken by student office staff.

Pre-ImplementationOrientation staff had to bring thousands of students to office and use limited session time on picture-taking.

Process On average we would see 14 groups per Freshman session and there are approximately 14 sessions for Freshman for the Fall. In tight coordination with Orientation, each group of students would be scheduled to come to the One Card Office to take their pictures for their UConn ID. The group of students would line up in the hallway while we spent about five minutes talking to them about their card and how they use it. Then they would come into the office, one by one, to have their picture taken. The cards for that group would be printed out and handed to their Orientation leader (to be distributed at the end of the Orientation session). This process took approximately 12 minutes per group, so roughly almost three hours a session. If there were any delays in processing or groups were late in arriving, a backup would occur with long lines and thus more delays.

Post-Implementation: All Freshman were instructed to submit their photo for their UConn ID online prior to coming to Orientation and told they would not be allocated time during the Orientation session to have their picture taken. The IDs would be printed in advance throughout the summer (as the submitted photos were approved), sorted by group and given to the Orientation leader for distribution. In addition, a representative from the One Card Office was scheduled to talk with all the Freshman at one time for 10 minutes about their UConn ID (Husky One Card) per session.


  • Orientation office now has more time to use for other required sessions that new students must attend.
  • One less One Card Office student staff required in the office.
  • Less stress on printers (printing is spread out versus in bulk) and if a printer breaks, we have time to get it back up and running without having an Orientation group held up or delayed.
  • One Card Office gained time to spend on other initiatives.
  • Student experience improved (they are able to upload a photo of their choice).
  • Students possibly retain more information about the Husky One Card due to environment being more conducive to receiving the information (auditorium versus hallway).
  • Bonus benefit: Regional campuses can now utilize online photo submission, reducing the need to have someone on campus to take pictures for UConn IDs.

Resources Utilized:  JSA Technologies – Vendor that already supported the site, but added a module to enable this process to succeed.

Approximate Expense Reduction:  $2,000

Approximate amount of time to implement: 80 hours