Spend Smart

UConn is changing the way it does business.

In recent years, leaders and managers across the University have examined their budgets, found ways to reduce expenses, improve processes and find efficiencies.  The Office of Budget and Planning undertook an initiative to reach out to departments across the University and catalog the great work that has taken place and share the results in a program called Spend Smart .

The results have been overwhelmingly positive, with over 200 initiatives that were implemented by 37 departments, schools / colleges and units totaling nearly $29M.

To share best practices, ideas and highlight the many success stories this portal was developed to serve as a resource for departments across the University.

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Document Management is the coordination and control of the flow (storage, retrieval, processing, printing routing and distribution) of electronic and paper documents in a secure and efficient manner.
UCount  Procurement Services and the University community continue to explore cost reduction opportunities, redefine business processes, and re-evaluate the way in which we all procure goods and services while maintaining the quality and integrity of the UConn community.
Space Management - Need a classroom renovated?  Need to add an office to an existing space?
Technology and Process Improvement
Check out our complete list of efficiencies for more ideas.

Tool Box

UPrint, Streamline operations, standardize equipment and increase efficiency with the appropriate print output device(s) to create a more productive environment.
University Surplus is a great way to reap savings for your department—you can get furnishings and other supplies at no cost!
University Catering is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to the faculty, staff, students & guest’s including served meals, buffet meals, receptions, coffee breaks, picnics & a la carte menu planning.
Student Employees are employed in virtually all departments and are a vital part of the University of Connecticut’s work force.
View our complete toolbox for additional savings ideas.


Have an idea but you aren't sure how to implement it, let us know-we are here to help!  We can provide analytical, business and data support and serve as a resource for all departments across the University.   For more information on these services please contact Jeremy Campbell, Director of Business and Analytics.