Nursing Success Story

Project: Electronic Health Records System for Simulation labs in the School of Nursing

Brief Description / Goal: Created an in-house EHR system for simulation laboratories for training students in a hospital like setting.

Pre-Implementation: Needed a way to for students to get exposure to medication scanning and patient verification scanning.

Process: Used office365 to store excel documents that were formatted to fit the screen of an ipad. Made those documents multiple pages long so they can scroll up and down. Formatted the information to match the layout of actual EHR/EMR systems. Input all patient records and barcodes into each excel document by simulation subject. Each EHR at each campus accesses a different document on office365. This way they can be updated remotely and not cause problems when used by multiple campus locations at once. Used a Bluetooth, waterproof, drop proof barcode scanner with each ipad to scan barcodes for patient names and medications. Each ipad has a water resistant cover since it will be exposed to a lab. EHR excel documents use a simple text match rule to make the patient names and medication names green if they were correct or red if wrong. Used drop down lists when possible to make data entry easier. Protected all sections of the EHR from being edited so that data entry is smooth. Use free online barcode generators to create barcodes for labs.

Post-Implementation: Students are better prepared; our simulations are now much closer to reality. The barcode scanners were expensive but when matched with inexpensive ipads, they end up costing less than laptops with cheap scanners.

Results: Able to save a lot of money every semester by using an in house EHR/EMR solution.

Resources Utilized: Office365, Bluetooth barcode scanners, iPad Air tablets, iPad Air cases, Free online barcode generators

Approximate Cost Avoidance: ~$78,000 per year

Approximate amount of time to implement: ~20 hours