Logistics Administration – Reductions to shuttle bus routes

Project: Logistics Administration – Reductions to shuttle bus routes

Brief Description / Goal: Reduce hours of operations for the shuttle bus service in order to reduce expenses.

Pre-Implementation: Excessive number of shuttle buses on routes resulted in low ridership during particular times of day. Overall the cost of providing the routes was greater than the benefit to the number of people served during these hours.

Process: We pulled passenger counts to study when routes were getting the least amount of usage and found that early morning and late evening services were the least utilized routes. We worked with drivers and dispatchers to create a schedule that cut services during these times but still provides the optimal amount of service to our students.

Post-Implementation: Operations better reflect ridership demand, resulting in more efficient operations. The routes that were cut were outside of normal class hours, so the number of riders impacted was limited. We also expect the overall reduction in vehicle usage will create a reduction in maintenance and fuel costs in the long term.

Results: Overall positive response from both employees and riders, and an overall reduction of the budget equal to $87,500.

Resources Utilized: Passenger count data

Approximate Expense Reduction: $87,500

Approximate amount of time to implement: 6 months