Facilities Success Story

Project: Facilities – LED Lighting

Brief Description / Goal: Replace old fluorescent lighting with LED lighting

Pre-Implementation: Existing lights are inefficient

Process: The larger areas on campus are identified and new lighting systems are designed and FO&BS manages a project to replace the lights.  Also, when an area is renovated, the lighting upgrade is generally incorporated into the renovation.

Post-Implementation: New LED lighting uses less electricity and generates energy rebates to spend on replacing more lights. Because there is much longer bulb life with LED, hard to access bulbs need to be replaced less often.

Results: In FY16 the following projects for lighting upgrades were completed:

UConn Fine Arts 2nd Floor Hallway

Gampel Court Lights

Nayden Clinic – Lighting

Towers Dormitory Buildings

These Projects are scheduled to be completed in early FY17:

EO Lighting (Energy Opportunity) – Smaller lighting projects in conjunction with departmental   renovations

West Hartford Parking Lights

South Parking Garage LED

Academic Building Lighting Renovations

Student LED Desk Lights*

Doing these projects will earn the University over $400,000 of incentives that we use to implement more energy saving projects.

Resources Utilized: FO&BS either purchases the materials and uses UConn FO&BS employees to do the installation or hires and oversees a contractor. Projects are mainly funded by the incentives earned. *Eversource sponsored the Student LED Desk Light initiative.

Approximate Cost Avoidance: The projects listed above can save the University nearly $750,000 annually in energy costs.  The Office of Environmental Policy has information about energy saving projects including the lighting upgrade initiative. https://ecohusky.uconn.edu/energy/

Approximate amount of time to implement: Depends upon the scope of the project.

Information for others interested in switching over to LED Lighting? If your area is doing a renovation project, ask the project manager about switching to LED lighting.  For general information, you can contact Lynn Hallarin (lynn.hallarin@uconn.edu) and she can direct your inquiry to the correct person in FO&BS.